Teen Axel






Benny Gordini & Teen Axel have the same love for soul music, rock steady, ska roots, and Rhythm'n'beat. What more natural and easy for 'em (father & son) to record some stuff together in the Larsen studio, as times were too quiet for their band
Les Slow Slushy Boys. They started to record four songs to see how it works, three covers of Jackie Opel, Jackie Lee and Serge Gainsbourg, as well as one original. And it worked!!!

That was so enjoyable that they came back to record nine new songs, using this time some piano and some vibes (vibraphone), to release their first album (13 songs) which will be out on Larsen/B-Soul this autumn. Two new covers - of Ken Boothe and Rex Garvin - and seven new originals, from Doo Wop to funk.

Contact: Benny Gordini