Line up

Stompin' Harvey
drums & vox
The Fast Wreckers
Mike Big Preacher & thee slushy ruin
guitars & vox

Interview pour Arse'plot

Swamp Blues with:

Stompin' Harvey and the Fast Wreckers

remember the Atom Testings a view jears ago ? remember who eats the most snails and Frog leggs on this world ,remember wich country allways has the strangest and coolest bands around ? it's France you fool,and this is the newest child from this pastis drinkers Stompin' Harvey and the fast wreckers.

a long time ago Denis started his music career with different bands the best nown are the Slow Slushy Boys where they put out lot's of singles and LP's on several labels around this planet,then he started his record label LARSEN records where he puts out lots of absolutly great albums and singles and off course his fanzine about Garage Punk Teen Trash Rockabilly Blues and Punk rock, and now STOMPIN HARVEY, what a great step ! it's in the tradition of Blues and Rock'n'roll thats for shure,it's music with lots of dynamic,not fucking heavy metal or dance floor hip hope ore what else,for me it's Swamp Blues and Trash that means,you feel what's going on when you lissen to this music it's the frustrating and hopeles waiting for someone who brings you the booze,and he never comes,you have to sit in your fucking swamp and wait and wait and wait, till you think let's call up some buddys and play the Blues as hard as you can, the dirty way with Primitive Rock'n'roll in it thats what those cats dit the result you here on this faboulusly Voodoo Rhythm record 'is you is' (Lightnin' Beat-Man - March 99)



EP "Gisele"split LARSEN fanzine #14 (avec Thundercrack, Sires, Oddball's band...) FZ014 - 1998

EP "Cannibal girl/ Foooll/ Run Run Run" LARSEN RDZ - LZ053 - 1999

EP "Is You Is/ shakin' time/ love have mercy" VOODOO RHYTHM - VR706 - 1999

EP "Bad Smell/ true to you/Apocalypso Mambo" WIPED OUT - WO007 - 1999

CD "Mama No No" v/a THAT's BAD (avec Green Hornets, Satelliters....) DO THE DOG - 291098 - 1999

CD " fine fine fine" v/a BANZAI # 5 (avec Trouble Makers, Polaris, Velvetone) KAMIKAZE - 005 - 1999

7" "Smash it up/ She's fine she's mine" CORDUROY - 1999

EP "She deceived me" split ARSEPLOT #3 (avec Waistcoats...) - 001 - 1999


2 x EP “These shoes are made for stompin'”larsen rdz - LZ066 - 2001

CD v/a COSMIC TRIP (avec Godzillas, Slow Slushy Boys, Dunts, Roller Coaster...) “Jump & shout”

Benny & Cailleton Wrecker were not born into a family of hardworking, cotton picking negroes. Sister Gisele Wrecker, their mother, hided them during a lot of years because of the shame of being sister and mother in the same time. So, they grew up between four black and cold walls untill Kickin' Harvey, Stompin' Harvey's father, came and took them (mother and sons) far from that Hell.

When the little Stompin' was born, the two wrecker brothers considered him as a scapegoat. Older than him, they used to torture him all the time, making eat him froggs, living snails and other sticky animals.

But Stompin' Harvey's revenge soon came...

When he was sixteen, strong and developed, he quickly became the boss. Since this day, the two Wrecker brothers have to keep a low profile and run fast. So, they today are called the Fast Wreckers and have to work hard for their young but despotic brother...